3 Reasons To Buy A 1923 Silver Dollar

If you happen to have made your way to this article then there is a good possibility that you know that there is 1923 silver dollar value available out there, and you are considering getting it for yourself. But maybe you don’t know the full reasons why this is such an excellent investment opportunity, so I want to share that with you now so that you can get a better understanding of why this silver dollar is so special.

The first reason why you should want a 1923 silver dollar is the pure and simple fact that if you happen to get the right version, it can be worth thousands of dollars. But not only that, even if you get a silver dollar minted in this year that is in poor condition, it is still a very valuable item because of the silver content within the coin. Remember, each one of these coins contains 90% silver, and if you haven’t noticed, the cost of silver is rising each and every day.

The second reason why you want to get this coin is a for the same reason I ended the last paragraph. It’s the price of silver. It is rising each and every day, and no matter what kind of collector’s value your coin happens to have, the pure fact that silver is valuable in and of itself is reason enough to buy a coin like this. You will never end up getting stuck with this coin, because you’ll easily make money selling it to somebody who is looking to earn more value as well.

The final reason why you should get this coin is that it’s a great way to protect your wealth. The US dollar is in really bad shape these days, and there is a strong possibility that it might not be worth anything in the years to come. But your silver is always going to be worth something, so keep that in the back of your mind.

So take advantage of the 1923 silver dollar value and use this as a catalyst to begin investing in precious metals. Believe me when I tell you it will be the best move you ever made.

Who Should Buy A 1923 Silver Dollar?

Since a lot of people are finally starting to truly see the 1923 silver dollar value, there are many different individuals who are interested in buying silver, gold and other precious metals. But I don’t feel like this is the right type of investment opportunity for everybody, so I wanted to chime in and share who I feel are the ideal investors for this type of coin collecting as an investment. So let’s look at the options that I feel are the best right now.

The first type of person is the individual who is already interested in investing. You might be the kind of person that owns different stocks, or T-bills, CDs or mutual funds. But whatever the case may be, you are an individual that likes to invest their money and is not afraid to try and have their money do some work for them. If you are interested in this, than investing in silver and precious metals is a great move to make.

The next type of person that I feel is an excellent option as a silver investor is any individual that is interested in collecting things as a hobby. As you know, collections often accumulate in value quite a bit, and starting a silver or gold collection is certainly going to accumulate in value as well for many different reasons. So why not begin a new collection, and make silver and gold a new, fun hobby that you will really enjoy.

The final type of person that I feel would be a tremendous choice as a silver collector is anyone who’s interested in making quality investments without having to put themselves at tremendous risk. The thing about buying silver and other precious metals is that the value is pretty much always there, and even if they temporarily drop in price, they usually bounce back pretty quickly.

So these are the main types of individuals that I really believe should be investing in precious metals, and especially in gold and silver. The 1923 silver dollar value is excellent, and there are even a lot of other great choices for you to purchase to add to your collection.

The History Of The Silver Dollar

In this article we are going to take a brief look at the history of the silver dollar, which would lead you to believe that there is quite a bit of 1923 silver dollar value, as well as other value of these coins. So let’s take a much closer look at this without further delay.

The first silver dollar ever created is known as the flowing hair silver dollar, and it was minted between 1794 and 1795. It should not be any surprise to you when you find out that these coins are extremely valuable. Robert Scot designed them, and they were made of 90% silver and 10% copper.

The draped bust dollar was minted during the years 1795 through 1803. The coins issued during 1795 through 1798 actually had a small eagle on the reverse side, and the coins issued from 1798 through 1803 had a heraldic eagle which was a lot more elaborate.

The next coin we are going to look at more closely is the seated liberty dollar. This was the first silver dollar to be issued in a very long time., And it was minted between 1840 all the way up to the 1873. There is a seated image of lady liberty on the obverse side, and there is also an eagle on the reverse side. The mint marks are also visible on some of these coins, and the places where they were minted are Carson City, San Francisco, New Orleans and Philadelphia.

The trade silver dollar was minted in the year 1873 and it goes up until 1885. This coin can be identified relatively quickly because it has the words trade dollar written on the reverse side right below the eagle.

The Morgan Dollar is probably the most popular of all the silver dollars. They were struck between 1878 through 1904. Then again it was reissued in 1921. The ones minted in Carson City are a lot more valuable than other coins in the series.

The peace dollar is the final silver dollar to be minted. This is where the 1923 silver dollar value comes from. This coin was minted between 1921 and 1935, and the rarest in the series is the 1928 peace dollar.

What Is The Peace Dollar?

When I first decided to try and find out the 1923 silver dollar value, I kept coming across information about the peace dollar. Since I really didn’t have any clue what this was, I decided to investigate it further to find out exactly what it is I was reading about. It turns out that the 1923 silver dollar is also called the 1923 peace dollar, and if you’re interested to learn it, I’d like to explain a little bit more about this dollar to you right now.

I personally like the design of this coin better than any of the other coins out there today. George T Morgan was the engraver of the peace dollar, and it was originally designed by a gentleman named Anthony deFrancisi. This coin was originally issued between the years 1921 and 1935, when they finally stopped minting this particular coin. The reason why they call it the peace dollar, is because during that time the world was at relative peace.

On the obverse of this coin, there is a large lady liberty head and the words liberty are also written on it on this side. The words “in God we trust” are also engraved on this particular coin. And the letter U in the word trust looks more like a letter V. The date that the coin was minted is also there, and it is just below the head of lady liberty. This is a very attractive looking coin, and it is very popular with a lot of collectors.

The reverse side of this coin is predominantly an eagle that is perched on a rock. And in case you’re wondering, the word peace is engraved on the reverse of the coin as well. The words United States of America and e pluribus unum are also engraved on the reverse side of this coin.

So those are some of the major specifics of the peace dollar. The 1923 silver dollar value is quite prominent if you have a coin that is in perfect condition and minted in either San Francisco or Denver. So if you are a collector looking to buy a great coin, then one of those would be an excellent option.

Where Can I Buy A 1923 Silver Dollar?

There is a strong possibility that you are here because you learned the 1923 silver dollar value, and now you are interested in picking up one of these coins. If this is true, then you are definitely making a very smart move because this is an absolutely excellent investment that you want to take advantage of. So I’d like to provide you with some great ways that you can pick up this silver dollar whenever you are ready.

The first choice you have would be to buy a copy of this coin directly from a local coin auction in your area. Since I obviously don’t know where you live, I don’t know if you have this type of coin auctions regularly in order to make this a possible choice for you. If you do not have regular coin auctions in your area, don’t worry because there are some other more easy and convenient things for you to try.

Another way for you to easily get a 1923 silver dollar would be to pick up a coin magazine, and find some of the vendors that they have in the back that handle mail order. I know it might not even be that easy for you to find a coin magazine in this day and age, because you can’t really walk into your local convenience store and pick one up. You probably have to buy it on the Internet and have it delivered to your home. But if you’re going to do all of that, then you might as well go with the easiest option which is our third choice.

The best option for getting a 1923 silver dollar is to buy it directly over the Internet through a silver broker. There are some excellent coin dealers online that you can purchase from, and they have great customer service and they will help you out with anything that you specifically need. So check out an online coin dealer and get the coin that you are trying to receive.

Since you truly understand the 1923 silver dollar value, it only makes sense to want to purchase one. Hold onto it and watch it accumulate in value as time goes by.

What’s The Value Of The 1923 Silver Dollar?

If you managed to find your way over to this article then there is a strong possibility that you are trying to figure out the 1923 silver dollar value. Since this dollar was minted in three different areas, there are going to be three different overall values that you need to know. So let’s take a look at the three separate coins right now.

The 1923 Peace dollar with no mint mark is actually minted in Philadelphia. At face value this coin was worth one dollar USD. There were a total of 30,800,000 produced, and the silver content of this coin was 90%. The silver weight of this coin is .7735 ounces and if you were to melt it down right now, the value would be $25.46. If you have this coin in poor condition, it is only worth $19. And if you have this coin in perfect condition it is worth a total of $165.

The 1923 S Peace dollar contains the mint mark S and is minted in San Francisco. This is also worth one dollar USD at face value, and there were a total of 19,020,000 produced. The silver content of this coin is 90%, and it also weighs .7735 ounces. If you were to melt it down it would be worth $25.29. A poor condition coin is only worth $19, and a perfect condition version of this coin could be worth as much as $8250.

The 1923 D Peace dollar is a one dollar USD coin at face value, and it is minted in the city of Denver. There were only 6,811,000 of these coins produced. The silver content is 90%, and silver weight is .7735 ounces. If you were to melt it down, this coin would be worth $25.43. If you were to own a poor condition version of this coin, you would only be able to sell it for $19. If you have a perfect condition version of this coin, you can get as much as $1350 if you were to sell it to a collector.

These are the main 1923 silver dollar value choices for each version of the coin. It’s great for collectors, and you’ll be able to make some decent money if you want to sell.

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